Since its inception, the Archeolore Art service and Trading Ltd. endeavors are designed to serve the needs of archeological excavations and the large amount of findings as well as for museum objects.

Processing, restoring, material testing, conserving and documentation – is the significant work in preserving the heritage found in the earth, displayed in museums and contained in other cultural resources.

The projects in which Archeolore and its partners are currently engaged, are archeological excavations- both in-situ and in the restoration laboratories -as well as for museum objects restoration.

The goal which Archeolore wishes to achieve by being involved in these projects is to create the golden milestone for the future generations to benefit the efforts conducted by Archeolore in the preservation, conservation and restoration of the historical and cultural heritage as found in earth and displayed in the various historical establishments.

The area of expertise practiced by Archeolore includes the theoretical and practical disciplines applied in treatment of the objects of any era. Conservation, restoration, documentation as well as non-destructive material testing, provides the information for the further profound understanding and evaluation of these resources and helps to gain better comprehension on the further treatment needed. For this purpose, Archeolore has adapted the recent and advanced technology used in the fields of conservation, restoration and preventive treatment.